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While most dental practices refer patients to other doctors for orthodontic services, our Bradenton orthodontist performs multiple orthodontic services in addition to cosmetic and general dentistry treatments at Parkwood Dental.

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What are Orthodontic Services In Bradenton?

While general dentistry focuses on the overall health of the teeth and cosmetic dentistry deals with the appearance, orthodontics straighten and properly aligning loose teeth for proper bite and functionality. While Bradenton orthodontist and dentists in Bradenton are often two separate specialties, our doctors have received and offer advanced orthodontic education and offers multiple in-office dental services at Parkwood Dental.

Invisalign braces


Our most requested Bradenton orthodontist service is Invisalign- an affordable, comfortable and fast teeth straightening option. Invisalign is a simple, quick method of straightening teeth without the time and embarrassment of old-fashioned metal braces. Invisalign is the invisible form of braces that allows you to improve the appearance of your crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or teeth with gaps, quickly and efficiently.

Aligning Jaws and Reshaping Smiles

Aligning Jaws and Reshaping Smiles

A misaligned jaw can not only cause self-consciousness, but it is detrimental to the functionality of your mouth. Using cosmetic, general and orthodontic dentistry, our Bradenton orthodontist can also effectively reshape misshapen or crooked smiles. If you find that you are holding back your smile during photos or conversations, a smile makeover at Parkwood Dental can help restore your pearly whites. There are several techniques that can be used to align your bite and straighten your teeth, which can be discussed during your consultation.


T4K™ Appliance

Short for Trainer for Kids, the T4K™ appliance improves dental and facial development in growing children. These single-size dental appliances promote myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics while the child’s permanent teeth are erupting and the child is still developing. During the first phase of T4K™ , the developing adult teeth are guided into the correct positions. In phase two of the system, a different device is used to further correct and align the teeth.



Most orthodontic problems can be successfully treated using braces. Dental braces are devices used to correct crowded or crooked teeth, or a misaligned jaw, known as malocclusion. While braces have been the traditional form of treatment to align crooked teeth for decades, today’s streamlined braces come in a variety of models – stainless steel, tooth-colored ceramic and even gold-colored. For a stable and functional result, braces remain affixed to the teeth throughout the course of treatment and our hygienists will recommend regular and frequent cleanings to to keep teeth, gums and braces free of plaque and food debris so bacteria can’t attack tooth enamel or cause inflamed gums.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Orthodontic Service is Right for Me?

During your ortho consultation, our doctors will perform a comprehensive examination and review x-rays to determine the best course of treatment for you and your dental concerns. Our Treatment Coordinators will discuss the extent of treatment, financial options, and address any concerns about your dental plan with you prior to treatment.

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